Therapy rooms to rent in Kensington and Chelsea

We are always excited to welcome new practitioners to our practices. Since 2012, we have offered meeting spaces for both emerging and well-established professionals. Therapport Limited offers ten therapy rooms to rent at Pimlico Counsellors and Psychotherapists and Kensington Counselling Rooms. We offer room rental not only to counsellors and psychotherapists but all professionals that require either regular weekly slots or ad hoc bookings.  Currently, we have over thirty professionals renting rooms in both locations.

Our focus is on creating communities in our practices and keeping a weekly commitment to at least half a day slot ensures we have more time to build relationships with each other and to create a supportive workplace. Regular practice meetings allow practitioners to get to know each other and to plan the budget and schedule of redecorations. It is important for us that people who work in a particular room make decisions about what needs to be improved there and with the help of our designers and builders, we take pride in delivering it.

We focus on design, safety and care for the environment.



Although each of our therapy rooms to rent in unique, most of them have at least three seats to enable individual, couple/polyamory therapy or any business meeting. We use a mixture of new and second-hand furniture to create various atmospheres ranging from a familiar home-like environment to luxurious meeting spaces. Set in two styles, contemporary classical and mid-century, our practices offer a traditional feeling with modern colour schemes. We also like fresh and pot plants to make each room alive and cosy.

Pen and ruler - attention we give to design at our therapy rooms to rent


Our spaces were designed for meetings from the first architectural drawings. Through the use of heavy fire doors, acoustic mats and plasterboards, they are sound insulated and therefore safe for confidential discussions. We have selected armchairs comfortable enough to support long sessions of meetings, and we take pride in exceeding all health and safety requirements. Furthermore, working as a part of a practice with other therapists working at the same time is safer than long working from home or other serviced offices.

COVID-19 update
We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared it with all people in the workplace. We have a cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with government guidelines and have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a two metre distance and all times.
Shield and a lock - safety and soundproofing are important at our therapy rooms to rent

Care for the environment

Therapport Limited is a company with both experience and values. Our practices use only renewable energy, and we do not provide single-use plastic, paper towels or other items that we can avoid in day to day running of the practices. The paper tissues we provide are made from sustainable bamboo.

A plant - our therapy rooms to rent are environmentally friendly

Marketing for counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals

To enable your practice to grow in our places in Gloucester Road and Pimlico, we offer additional marketing services. For an additional fee, you can advertise on our website or display your business cards or leaflets in the waiting areas. Furthermore, we offer training, videos and consultation on how to create and search engine optimise websites, make individual profiles, calculate your fees or take care of yourself when being your own boss. Please check the articles for more information about marketing the therapists.

A megaphone as we provide support in marketing at our therapy rooms to rent

Contact form

We could be delighted to show you our therapy rooms to rent, so let us know when you would like to have a viewing. We will not store your details or send you marketing information, except for using your email address to respond to your query. You can call us on 02036379150, email Kasia or Hannah on or fill in the form below or book directly via booking form

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