Maria Yosel Mouzo Insua

UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

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Although Therapport Limited, the owner of the practice, is thorough in checking the qualifications, insurance and professional registration of each of our practitioners, the relationship is ultimately between the client and the practitioner themselves. Therapport Limtied provides space for clinicians and is not responsible for the clinical work they provide. Maria Yosel Mouzo Insua is a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist, therefore the complaints should be direct to United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

Maria Yosel Mouzo Insua

UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

About Me

Coming from a Humanistic and Integrative discipline I believe that Human beings have an innate capacity to fulfil their own unique potential and self-regulate. Difficulties arise when these capacities get blocked, derailed, due to a lack of inner support, support within our environment or both.
I describe myself as a relational and embodied (body- oriented) Gestalt Therapist. One of my interests is in exploring how the embodied process of client and therapist impact and co-create both our experiences in order to support you to develop an awareness of your internal world and therefore increase the range of possibilities for choice available to you.
In my therapeutic work I endeavour to tap into the inherent healing possibilities of the here and now by staying with the "what is" (the experience, feeling, sensation, image, metaphor, thought), focusing on the lived body experience as a way to support the development of meaning, connections and completions of old unfinished issues.
I believe that some of the ways we struggle with our inner worlds and experiences, within our relationships and in the world in general are due to the debilitating, crippling effects of fear. An inner and outer relationship based on fear, stuck in fear, brings much suffering to our selves, our intimate relationships and the world and is currently reflected in our wider social, political and global environmental situations. So I am interested in how our own healing within has an impact in our intimate relationships and our wider social context.

The way I work is informed by developmental and attachment theories looking at some of the ways we have, over the years and specially in our childhood and adolescent years learnt to relate to ourselves and others due to specific contexts and circumstances. Another of my interests is in the interplay between our philosophical and spiritual believes and the therapeutic process and how these are embedded in the ways we walk through life and the paths we take and how therapy can deeply transform the way we feel and see life.

As a Gestalt Therapist my aim is to create a safe, confidential and trusting space in which you can explore whatever you find troubling. The action of seeking and seeing a therapist can sometimes be the first step to change (sometimes this in itself starts some of 'the change needed') and of finding those parts of ourselves we so truly yearn to re-acquaint ourselves with or discover for the very first time.
I endeavour to be a source of unconditional support through emphatic listening, a dialogical attitude and attunement to your experience and feelings. Part of what I offer is a finely developed, attuned intuition and creative approach to healing.

I have experience in supporting a wide range of experiential issues such as depression, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, trauma, relationship difficulties, loss and bereavement, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, addiction and alcohol related issues, sexual abuse and many other issues that are part and parcel of our human condition.

Training and Qualification

I hold a Practitioner Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy, a professional qualification. I am an accredited clinical member with UKCP and also hold an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy awarded by the London Metropolitan University.
My background is in Psychology, have a degree in clinical Psychology by the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.